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Why MJBLegal?

When contemplating a new direction in your career, maximize your success by doing more than scanning job postings and indiscriminately applying for every open position. If you haven’t truly evaluated your skills and experience, identified short and longterm career goals and objectively examined your personality style, you run the risk of making a career mis-step instead of advancing your career.

Work with MJBLegal to objectively identify your current career options and gain access to open positions that meet your own career objectives and goals. With over two decades of practice experience and over 5 years in legal recruiting, MJBLegal will offer you insight into best career options and access to open positions whether openly posted or available only on a confidential basis. Maximize your presentation to the marketplace and have MJBLegal as your strategic partner throughout your career.

MJBLegal is:

  • A current market source for lawyer positions available in the Alberta region, whether in a firm setting or within a corporate legal department
  • A strategic advisor in preparation and presentation of resumes to best showcase skills and talent
  • A reliable colleague to support your transition into a new role
  • An independent career advisor

Confidential and Free Service

A legal career necessarily means steady and sometimes unexpected changes in position. MJBLegal offers a confidential and free service to lawyers seeking access to new career opportunities and insight on how best to position you for that next career move. From advice on resume preparation to introductions to hiring committees, MJBLegal offers options for that next career step.

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