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Client Services

Hiring and retaining top lawyer talent is an ongoing challenge facing every law firm and corporate legal department. Engaging the services of MJBLegal will allow you to maintain your focus on daily priorities and to align your interests with an experienced independent lawyer recruiter to screen, present and advise on talent specific to your needs. With over 25 years of experience in the legal community as a practicing lawyer and legal recruiter, MJBLegal offers you a plan guaranteed to put you in touch with the best candidate for your particular needs and to save you time and money in the result.

Consider this:

The demands of daily practice rarely allow for an economical and considered approach to hiring. Hiring without thoroughly canvassing the goals and objectives of the proposed new role, thereby creating a basis upon which to evaluate candidates, can often compromise the result.

How many hours do you dedicate to the hiring of a single lawyer?

If you’re like most, the process starts with recommendations from internal and external sources. But this is just the beginning. How about time spent reviewing resumes, interviewing, completing references, and short-listing? And then there is the time spent coordinating the schedules of multiple decision makers. What about the time to prepare the terms of an offer? And what about the time spent to restart the whole process if the offer is not accepted?

Does this process make sense when you consider the value of billable time at the hourly rates of all that are involved?

Do you start with a thorough understanding of the work to be addressed?

Can you itemize the precise components of responsibility that are to be managed by the new hire? Have you identified core areas of responsibility as well as additional areas of responsibility in off-peak times? Is this a lead role or a supporting one? Are you prepared to train and mentor or is this role for seasoned experience only?

Without an in-depth understanding of the daily issues to be addressed by the new hire, the basic criteria for screening candidates will be flawed. The resulting match will not be ‘made in heaven’ for either of you and you will find yourself having to restart the hiring process sooner than you would like.

Is your recruitment effort turning up a complete selection of potential candidates?

Are you relying on your website for candidates? Are you advertising in a newspaper? Do you round out your search efforts by tapping into the network of your existing lawyers?

All of these methods have potential but won’t provide you with a complete picture of available candidates when you need them. Many of the best candidates are not actively searching for a new position but register instead with MJBLegal with a specific mandate to be notified of positions like yours.

Are you sure your efforts are securing the best candidate for the position? MJBLegal is screening candidates all year long so you don’t have to.

Are the same criteria applied to each resume considered?

How many times have you rejected a resume only to hear rave reviews about that person from a colleague? All resumes are not equal and a selection based purely on resume review is bound to be imperfect.

Optimize your process and have MJBLegal present candidates who have been screened specifically for the criteria you seek regardless of resume style and content.

Do you have an interview plan?

It’s easy to go into an interview without a clear plan of what you need to discover from each and every candidate. Are initial interviews conducted by different people? Do they have a good understanding of the search criteria? If you have recent hires that have left you sooner than you would have liked, question the effectiveness of your interview process.

With a history of successful placements, MJBLegal has insight into tried and true formulas of interviewing that get you what you want, in time, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Do you have a hiring timeline to ensure you don’t lose out to a competing offer?

Do you find you can’t remember one candidate from the other by the time you are ready to make a decision? Did this time lag contribute to losing your first choice candidate?

Once a search is started, committing to a timeline ensures the best use of your resources and enhances the likelihood of securing your first choice candidate. Work with MJBLegal to develop a timeline that makes sense for your business without compromising the candidate pool or selection process.

Consider MJBLegal your strategic partner to accessing and hiring the best available candidate for your open role. More than just a recruiter, MJBLegal offers insight into successful hiring practices, access to candidates already interviewed and referenced and a link to a broader selection of talent than you may have through your own network.

Customized and Competitive fees are the norm at MJBLegal. The services of MJBLegal are offered on a contingency fee basis. The fee is applied to the first year’s base compensation of the candidate selected. Contact MJBLegal for more details about guarantees and fees applicable to your search.

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